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liderazgo gerencial con inteligencia emocional
Juan Carlos Cubeiro
Juan Carlos Cubeiro
Consultant Expert in Talent Management,
Leadership and Coaching - Author of the
bestseller books Mourinho and Guardiola
Mourinho vs guardiola
amigo gerente y lider

Would like to talk about good practices, examples of success, about humanism with concrete cases enabling us to feel good. One of them is Arnold Encomendero Dávalos (www.arnoldencomendero.com), CEO of Coopetroperu (Cooperative of Savings and Credit of Petroperu), PhD. in Economics, Master in Management and Finance, in Development and Social Economy, performing for two decades as General Manager (DG) in social economy based companies, and awarded with the Big Business Latin America Businessmen 2012. I was lucky and was honored that Arnold attended the Leadership Journey I gave in Lima, Peru, on September 9, and he gave me his book Amigo, Gerente y Líder, with a highly friendly inscription: “To my beloved teacher, for a shared, intelligent and winning Leadership”. Thanks a lot Arnold, because you embody with huge success such Leadership in Coopetroperu.

The author dedicates Amigo, Gerente y Líder to the youth in spirit, to political, social leaders and businessmen. In the foreword, Robert Marcuse (banker, writer and restless traveler) explains that the book contains 150 thoughts on business, 11 lessons from international CEOs, 2 Codes of Ethics, 32 poetries from our main poets, 5 techno-managerial poetries and a story as a tribute to Luis Banchero Rossi, “El Albatros de Oro”, (“The Golden Albatross”), a text to generate more and better entrepreneurs.

Arnold makes a distinction from the leader (guide, role model) from the caudillo that uses other people, is closed-mind and fussy. The leader shall be the manager and the friend (“the ultimate perfection, in the human relationships”, Montaigne). “A Manager shall be a Friend because he is reliable for the people under his wings that want to become leaders”.

To be FRIEND, MANAGER and LEADER, it is needed to:

Learn how to be. Be better being.
Teach what has been learned and well done, masterly.
Then, balance being, having and sharing”, teaches us Arnold Encomendero. Master ideas for the managerial success: Critical Thinking, I+D, Strategy, Vision of the Future, Prevision and Prudence, Bold and Entrepreneur Spirit, Internal and External Control.
According to the author, the emotional intelligence energizes the body; spiritual intelligence energizes the soul and the economic intelligence is the future of life. Humanity is reduced by Misery, Loneliness and y Violence; and is enhanced by Love, Solidarity and Peace.
His beloved geographical region is also mentioned: “Latin America is a region where development dilemmas are increased in geometric progression as development actions are increased in arithmetic progression. In conclusion, Latin America is a fortress of unsolved dilemmas”.
“The senses that a manager more loses are the sense of urgency, the sense of belonging and the sense of proportions and probabilities”, teaches us Arnold and quotes, among others, the famous Peter Drucker's phrase: “There is only one authentic Leader: the one that has followers”, or Eric Kuhn's, CEO of the Varsity Group: “Do not underestimate the importance of enjoying work and of providing the employees with the opportunity to be committed to their long-term goals”.

The book shows 2 codes of ethics. The following corresponds to the executive position:

1. To be aware that human quality is the base for business quality.
2. To be tolerant, nice and convincing to keep the client satisfied, forever.
3. To perfect our personal vision of the company and make it consistent with our mission.
4. To make our work a real expression of quality, with minimum costs and zero flaws.
5. To give a higher value to our tasks with our own ideas or someone's that did it better.
6. To learn humbly but with interest, since education is the best investment.
7. To be honest in our daily work, prudent with the critics and fair with the praise.
8. To cherish our work as others' work; both are useful for business improvement.
9. To know how to rationalize the time to spare it and to yield more for our own and company's     success.
10.To integrate our contribution to the solidary effort to achieve a higher good, for the entire life.

For Arnold, a managerial leader needs César Vallejo's human solidarity (“I'm willing to come back, to love, to be around”), Pablo Neruda's timeless and tender love (“I love the love to be distributed in kisses, bed and bread”), Paulo Coelho's words (“Men that think they are wise are hesitant when it is time to rule and rebels when it is time to serve”) and Mario Benedetti's every day love and justice (“Each act of love is a cycle of life itself … A fist of life”).

Thanks a lot Dr. Encomendero, dear Arnold, for a book so honest, so important, so complete. Your work in Coopetroperu is amazing. You are a humanistic leader, an efficient manager and, of course, a friend.
Luis Flores Monge

Dear Master Cubeiro

The undersigned, Luis Flores Monge, current Vice President of COOPETROPERU, that after 2 years in charge of this Cooperative, can ratify your remarks not only because of my profession but also because I am witness of how a Cooperative is managed every day, that is more useful than a Master Degree or PhD. in Top Management.

Firstable, if we analyze the last 15 year financial statements of this Cooperative, we can see a sustained growth of the main indicators, that is why the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance has authorized us to receive again the deposits of the Compensation for Time of Services (CTS), but there is more, when we compare our indicators to other Cooperatives of Credit, Municipal Savings Banks, even regular banks, we find a higher level of economic financial soundness allowing us to apply what Porter calls “the shared value”: changing the win-win model by the win-share-win model; that is, this growth is gave back to our partners through diversification and redefinition of our products that enables us to upgrade their quality of life, improve our organizational image and prestige, obtaining a solid reputation; we have a responsible and transparent behavior; our staff, permanently trained, has changed their minds, reaching a high professional and human quality; we have improved our technological infrastructure; our excellent financial policy, based on capitalization of surplus, capture of CTS and fixed term deposits allow us an own funding of resources and a spread, that enables us to manage interest rates according to the financial possibilities of our partners. All the above summarized in the LIDERPLAN and PETROSIS systems have made us be granted with the award conferred by the Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas and the BIG BUSINESS 2012 award for business quality and excellence, which show the competitiveness achieved by Coopetroperu.

Thus, it is what you say: good practices and example of success, and all thank to the huge intellectual capital of Dr. Arnold Encomendero, who is the most important productive force that has made COOPETROPERU what it is today.

If passion, integrity, transparency and love are added, we can find that Dr. Arnold Encomendero is not only a great Manager, but also a great friend.