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As a prelude to the publication of my forthcoming book called FROM MANAGER TO LEADER: How to link this value chain?, a Managerial Anthropology study, herein the INTRODUCTION of the book that is a smart extract from the FIVE CHAPTERS comprising the successful experience of true Managerial Leadership in times when the political and business worlds live into a deep crisis of Leadership and Values which has undoubtedly created a MISTRUST ENVIRONMENT for investments and financing that directly influences on the competitive business development, and therefore, on our countries’ economic growth.


Seneca was so right when he said: “What is not necessary, even if it costs a cent, it is expensive”. All depends on when and who makes the decision. Precisely, the critical moment to make good decisions requires the Managerial Leader to follow these three steps: Thinking, Criterion and Judgment. In the light of advices given by Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis, there are also three critical environments for best decision-making: “People, strategy and crisis”, considering, as pinpointed by Max Mckeown “the true core of the strategy is the STRATEGIST since intelligence is the source generating creative energy”.

Within this context of Good Managerial Leadership, Managerial Retrospective makes the Manager an Archeologist that cherishes and takes into consideration the past, and Managerial Prospective makes the Manager a LEADER that creates, lives and enables Increasing and Revolutionary Innovation for the best interest of the COMPANY he/she runs with Social Responsibility. This is the only way to transform managerial geniality into true Leadership.

In this line of reflection-action, there are three concepts from my own that have had a deep impression on my strategic conception and execution capacity for developing a GOOD MANAGEMENT and GOOD LEADERSHIP: The capacity of a LEADER is better appreciated when pulling out the rope without wearing it out, when knowing how things are working out in the worst turbulence. Even more, a MANAGERIAL LEADER must not be square-minded, he/she must live aware of everything, must promptly react and according to the times. Thus, an INTELLIGENT MANAGER-LEADER must think and make things DIFFERENT, with VALUE Innovation, aimed at a favorable work environment where work teams matches customer’s satisfaction so a Strategist Manager as a Transforming Leader will be able to transform his/her business into an Innovating Company.

With this singular managerial experience, an outcome from a deep correlation of vital intelligences, for a GREAT and GOOD innovating and transforming Managerial Leadership, technical and intellectual coefficient joint to emotional intelligence theorized by Daniel Goleman, and the execution capacity or XQ as qualified by Stephen R. Covey in his famous Execution Know-How, WE HAVE DECIDED TO publish the BOOK: FROM MANAGER TO LEADER: How to link this VALUE CHAIN?, a true essay on Managerial Anthropology composed of FIVE CHAPTERS.


The FIRST CHAPTER introduces us into Anthropology as a science which matter is the Manager-Leader as a HUMAN BEING with emotional and cognitive intelligence and execution capacity in order to successfully develop a financial, economic and administrative management with full technical and moral aptitude. This chapter then places Anthropology in the real and virtual business world to achieve a sustained competitiveness and social responsibility as a science of managerial and human development; that is, to clarify the MANAGERIAL BEING and its role before the Leadership paradoxes; then the concepts of the roles corresponding to MANAGER and LEADER are delimited to determine their key duties for the consolidation of an Innovating and Transforming Leadership to be used for building and strengthening an always COMPETITIVE and INTELLIGENT Organization.


The SECOND CHAPTER analyzes in deep Professional Management and responsible Competitiveness from fixing the roles of the Board of Directors and Management to demonstrate the complementariness existing between the roles of MANAGERS and LEADERS pursuant to opinions given by Abraham Zaleznik, John Kotter and Steve Buchholz. The ROLE of the Manager as Administrator and as a Leader in the corporate governance, as well as the COACH and as Intellectual Capital Manager, are defined to prove the high synergic relation between Management and Leadership thanks to the lucid opinions of Warren Bennis and Daniel Coleman.


The THIRD CHAPTER thoroughly analyzes the new role of the Managerial Leader for the creation of value within a digital context with endless information chains which authors are named LEADERS 2.0 embedded inside a NETWORK society that requires them to be reinvented as Leaders, as Organizations, and as people. Therefore, successful managerial ideas, world ranking of inspiring leaders, lessons learned from the most admired Leaders and CEOs worldwide, and adjustments for Managers becoming true leaders, are gathered to obtain a clear distinction between a regular Manager from a GOOD MANAGER, and a Leader from a GREAT LEADER, to then respond with operating, technical, and strategic consistency to the questions: WHICH IS THE VALUE CHAIN THAT LINKS AND THAT MUST ALWAYS LINK A GOOD MANAGER TO A GREAT LEADER? The answer is given from the FOUR key factors to consolidate the VALUE CHAIN; these are: STRATEGIC THINKING, DECISION-MAKING, EXECUTION CAPACITY and TRANSFORMING COMMITMENT.


The FOURTH CHAPTER thoroughly analyzes, with the necessary academic backup, the scopes of Business Innovation as a strategic challenge for true Leadership to be applied as the efficient drive for responsible Competitiveness, bringing out, with technological and scientific foundations, the COOPETROPERU MODEL as an expression of GOOD MANAGEMENT and GOOD LEADERSHIP with operating and technical description and supporting of two tools applied to transform it into AN INNOVATING COMPANY WITH TRANSFORMING LEADERSHIP AND VALUES, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES AND GOOD BENEFITS for its partners and associates. We refer to the “LIDERPLAN” Model: An Integral Planning System, and “PETROSIS” Model: AN INTEGRAL FINANCIAL SOFTWARE. These two management tools allowed Coopetroperu to qualify and quantify its competitive positioning with value innovation making true what for many large-sized and medium-sized companies is just an EXPENSIVE DREAM.


The FIFTH CHAPTER presents a set of idée-forces in English and Latin that were very useful in developing our Managerial Leadership complemented with a range of key thinking prepared and used in my lectures, on PETROLUZ, and AMERICA Cooperativa magazines where I was WRITER and DIRECTOR in the sections of business economy, business development, competitive leadership, managerial role, and ethical values; stimulating phrases of managerial wisdom product of CHALLENGES and RISKS faced and overcome as MANAGER-LEADER with social responsibility in accordance with SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS and SAFETY necessary for the better development and projection of the BUSINESS bearing in mind the challenges of technological singularity, and then, to let know, from my managerial experience, the TWELVE KEYS that any MANAGER-LEADERS must know to become an INNOVATOR WITH HIGHER VALUE, and the SEVEN HABITS OF LIFE TO BE ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL, COOPETROPERU DECALOGUE to grow with honor, and the ETHICAL CODE OF THE MANAGERIAL LEADER AND EXECUTIVE OF COOPETROPERU.


Finally, we are aware that the current world is complex, turbulent and needed for a true Managerial Leadership with more innovating ideas, projects, processes and products, to attain better results for the COMPANIES and CIVIL SOCIETY that make us enjoy a family life more worthy, fair and human, with more professional research applied with emotional and cognitive intelligence, link to an efficient and effective execution capacity with VALUE Innovation using Managerial Anthropology as a science focusing on the MANAGER-LEADER as a HUMAN BEING thinking and acting with ethical and technical aptitude to grant RESPONSIBLE COMPETITIVENESS UPON THE BUSINESS AND HUMAN VALUE UPON THE COMPANY strongly considering that INNOVATING IDEAS AND ACTION IN THE BUSINESS WORLD ARE BRIGHTER WHEN THESE ARE WELL EXECUTED AND SHINE WITH THEIR OWN LIGHT FOR ALL’S BEST INTEREST.



In his visit to Lima or trips abroad, Arnold Encomendero had the opportunity to share with them good moments.

Jack Welch - Arnold Encomendero

With the best CEO in history Jack Welch

Steve Wozniak - Arnold Encomendero

WIZARD Steve Wozniak, co-founder of APPLE exhibiting the Book

Robert Kiyosaki - Arnold Encomendero

Accredited Writer and Businessman Robert Kiyosaki

RICHARD BRANSON - Arnold Encomendero

SIR RICHARD BRANSON with Arnold Encomendero in Lima – Peru

Renée Mauborgne - Arnold Encomendero

Renée Mauborgne and Arnold exchanging their books BLUE OCEAN, and, «From Manager to Leader»


Jack Welch - Arnold Encomendero


The Best CEO of History

Steve Wozniak - Arnold Encomendero


APPLE co-founder

Robert Kiyosaki - Arnold Encomendero


Writer and Businessman

RICHARD BRANSON - Arnold Encomendero



Renée Mauborgne - Arnold Encomendero