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arnol encomendero davalos


Ex Miembro Titular del Consejo Consultivo (Consejo de Administración) de la ACI AMERICAS 1995-2009.


Director de la Revista Internacional “AMERICA COOPERATIVA”.


Actual Gerente General de COOPETROPERU con sede en Lima-Perú.


Autor de 5 Libros de Investigación Profesional Aplicada al Desarrollo Cooperativo, y, la Economía Social.


BOOK Ake “Valores Cooperativos para un Mundo en Cambio”. Ed. ACI Octubre 1996.


Mackpherson Ian “Declaración sobre la Identidad y Principios Cooperativos”. ICA Manchester 1995.


OIT “Recomendación 193 sobre Promoción de las Cooperativas” ACI AMERICAS 2002.


North Douglas “Marco Institucional para el Desarrollo Económico”. Edición Apoyo Lima Perú 1995.


Rodrígues Roberto “La Segunda Ola Cooperativa”. 2001.


Encomendero Arnold. “La Economía de Mercado y el Desafío de los Valores Cooperativos”. 3era Edición Nov. 2010. Lima Perú.


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We are aware that, in theory and in practice, Innovation is and shall be the engine of economic growth. Simon Kuznets, the 1971 Nobel Prize laureate in economics, examined the per capita growth rate in modern times and concluded that 20% was caused by better capital per job position and 80% was caused by Innovation. Nevertheless, according to results from the 2011 poll by the IE BUSINESS SCHOOL in Spain, only 31% of Latin-American companies had inside their organizations a person or department engaged specifically in Innovation. But- according to this same study - 91% of Latin-American executives and businesspeople think their companies shall innovate at technical, product, or management level if they want to survive in the next 5 years. They recognized that only in 55% of the cases are efforts and proposals of INNOVATION taken into account, where Colombia, with 62%, was the country achieving the best figures in the region.

Moreover, according to the WEF 2011 Ranking on INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY, out of the 142 countries analyzed, 22 are from Latin America and the Caribbean and only FIVE of these countries rank among the 31st to 55th, i.e.: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay respectively. The other countries rank 57th to 139th. One of the factors that explains this poor performance is the little investment. The Peruvian State invests on Science and Technology just a little more than 0.14% of its GDP, six or seven times less than Chile and Brazil. Yet, in general, Latin American countries invest less than 1% of their GDPs, much less than European countries and China that invest between 2.5% and 3.5%, respectively.

Although, in economic and social theory, we known Latin American countries have reached an average economic growth of 4 to 5% of their GDPs, it is also true that in the areas of institutionalism, infrastructure, and innovation, there is yet much to be done. Therefore, it is urgent and imperative for the State, the private sector, Cooperatives and academic organizations to join efforts and engage in a national and regional crusade in favor of INNOVATION. To that end, human development conditions must be improved to strengthen the intellectual capital of each organization and in each country. With no competitive human resources, we cannot be consolidated as an INNOVATING company or country. We will never get tired of saying: “With no innovation, we can never increase productivity and competitiveness”. However:

What is the role of Cooperatives in terms of Technological Innovation and Sustained and Sustainable Development? What successful experiences on Innovation as a model to increase Productivity and Competitiveness in relation to the Sector where we work are there?
Reality has taught and shown us that Cooperatives from their grass-root to their leading bodies also have the same problems as the countries in which they operate: low innovation capacity, minimum investment on Innovation and Development (I&D), low level of relation between universities and companies, lack of incentives to retain talents who flee to other sectors seeking for better opportunities. All of these weaknesses can be explained by the little interest in designing, applying, and promoting professional research to formulate the development of Technological Innovation Projects aimed at increasing productivity and competitiveness of Cooperatives, within this context and so many obstacles to Innovate using state-of-the-art technology.
Can a Cooperative INVEST and Plan an Innovative Technological Development Project with professional and scientific grounds?
Although this creepy and challenging question brings out new questions as well as doubtful and even ironical answers, we are going to show you a COOPERATIVE CASE that from the DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, DEVELOPMENT, AND EVALUATION constitutes a ROLE MODEL for investing with faith, talent, commitment, and passion on two Innovative Projects which scientific and technological validity and consistency show and teach us it is possible to turn something complex into a SIMPLE but EFFICIENT gadget following a LEARNING BY DOING approach until achieving economic results sustained in time. It is an Innovative cooperative experience that has allowed and allows us to link Cooperative Values to operative and economic efficiency, and to JOIN, with synergy, Strategic Development and operative efficacy. We are particularly referring to the COOPETROPERU MODEL that was set out on the basis of two successful Innovation projects. Let’s get to know it!.

This is an improved integral planning model which was upgraded by correlating, with synergy, the STRATEGIC PLAN, THE OPERATIONAL PLAN, and the ANNUAL BUDGET with duly regulated roles and responsibilities and with a Performance Management System which was suitable for the Organization’s raison d'être as a result of the signing of a CORPORATIVE AGREEMENT which commits governing bodies, management, and all workers and employees.

This model has double technical-operative configuration and valuation. It has the CREATIVE ADAPTATION VALUE which has linked and adapted, taking advantage of the benefits and synergies from each one of the three specific plans to be gathered together in a CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT that is part of a clear, strategic, responsible and pragmatic thinking which joins the vision of the future and the operative efficacy of managerial leaders to be visionary and entrepreneurs with value innovation. It also has the RELATIVE INNOVATION VALUE since it has added to the Integral Planning Process a performance management system compared to the competition in the industry or market where it operates, through the use of economic and financial indicators and it has included within this planning process, an effective formality to commit executives, managers, employees, and workers to actively participate in strategic and operative management by signing a CORPORATIVE AGREEMENT FOR STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT based on creative, critical, and entrepreneurial capacity of all parties involved. This integral planning tool is so important that it has been awarded the 2006 BUSINESS CREATIVITY prize, a contest annually organized by the Private University of Applied Sciences in Peru (UPC). The author of this Innovative Project is Dr. Arnold Encomendero Dávalos, Coopetroperú General Manager.


This is software was designed and implemented with state-of-the-art technological tools such as Oracle Database Administrator's 10g, Power Builder Programming 10.5, and the online search system runs on the PUNTO.NET model. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) methodology was used to implement and develop this system because it is an information management system that automatizes all the processes in one single application, integrating the System Analyst, the Programmer, and the users with a feedback and synergy approach. This software is COOPETROPERU intellectual property and it has been recorded on the Computer Programming Record issued by INDECOPI PERU Copyright Directorate with Registry Entry No 00648-2010 and File Card No 2010-06-24. Moreover, Certificate No 00063395 has been conferred by INDECOPI PERU certifying the SERVICE MARK REGISTRATION under the name: “PETROSIS” Integrated Financial System.

The Investment Project counted with CONSULT-FISS Technical and Economic Assessment of the Peru National Engineering University was considered in designing and implementing this software, and the Peruvian Consulting Firm SYNCRONING CONSULTING and a “STAFF” composed of expert programmers in Power Builder were engaged in preparing the technical documentation.
The “PETROSIS” software, after a rigorous installation, was put into production in October, 2009; during SIX month, a rigorous testing plan was followed to arrive at an unprecedented successful optimization and maturity.

The significance of the design, application, and development of this software results from the vision of the future, leadership capacity, innovative spirit, and entrepreneurial management of governing bodies and General Manager of the Peruvian Cooperative “PETROPERU” who were direct spearheads and witnesses of the economic and social results obtained not only with efficient data processing but also with professional research, maintaining for FIFTEEN years (1995-2011), adequate levels of productivity, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, and profitability obtained due to the quality of products and services their partners and stakeholders obtain in the best market conditions. These successful experiences show that a non-profit Cooperative, which is neither too big nor too small, can INVEST ON TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION and achieve significant results, acting out the so discussed academic speech: “Intangible assets are the most sustainable source of COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES”. As Saint Augustine said: “THE TRUTH IS WHAT IT IS;” with the economic and social results achieved every year, PETROPERU Cooperative, has achieved outstanding financial results thanks to the design and implementation of these two advanced technology tools. These two innovative solutions enable to link STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT TO OPERATIVE AND ECONOMIC EFFICACY; this is why COOPETROPERU has admirable financial strength with a large equity, as depicted on the attached chart. In addition, this has been successfully applied in 5 Cooperatives. IN THE INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF COOPERATIVES, COOPETROPERU’s INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCE is worthy of recognition and valuation since we can very proud say that the Leaders, Managers, employees, workers, and partners of Coopetroperú are really: “GOOD PEOPLE MAKING PROGRESS”, as its historical MOTTO says.
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