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las lecciones de guardiola y mourhino
mourhino vs guardiola
liderazgo guardiola
steve jobs
A Genius who changed our lives:
STEVE JOBS. He democratized
the power of computer science with Itunes,
Iphone, Ipad. APPLE nurtured Digital life.
bill gates
BILL GATES. After transforming Computer Science, Now looking for reinvention
of the TOILET to enhance PUBLIC HEALTH.
There are two key concepts to optimally revitalize the development of XXI Century Organizations: Strategic thinking and implementation ability. To the extent that management leaders, as strategists, think and behave like operators able to assume and give a responsible answer to the challenge of reinventing themselves according to the circumstances imposed by the macroeconomic environment, the Sectoral market in which they operate, and their own internal weaknesses in order to face them and overcome them with synergistic effort and feedback, LEADERS will be SUCCESSFUL if they get to KEEP INTACT the competitive advantages of their organization.

But the truth is that, whereas the market experiences higher complexity, view and Leadership abilities should be better to reduce such Complexity, providing value INNOVATION to the processes and, therefore, achieving exceptional sustained results, sustainable with high doses of socially responsible competitiveness.

By the way, before an economic context characterized by International financial crisis and marked by a confidence crisis generated by false leadership and a lack of shared values, there are useful to us the lessons of the leader-coach which, with academic and empirical talent, are given by Dr. Juan Carlos Cubeiro, in his diligent work, when he states that there are three key qualities from Guardiola's Leadership, necessary to develop one's talent and team work, as follows: a) Empower an identity with a personal brand image b) To form an intelligent effort culture with clear challenges. Direction by Objectives and Performance Management; and c) To always have a winning state of mind to make the team, as such, to give its best”.

But, what determines Leadership SUCCESS? wondered Dr. Cubeiro. In principle, he stated: “You cannot be everybody's LEADER. You have to LEAD YOUR PEOPLE. For Maurinho and Guardiola the VICTORY should first be in MIND, then in the FIELD. Therefore, leadership and sports have a lot in common”. “It is the ability of the LEADER to raise the confidence of the members of his/her team, build their hopes up, make them hungry for victory, what REALLY makes the DIFFERENCE. Likewise, “for a leader to be INSPIRING he/she should be a model for his/her people, he/she must constantly boost CHANGE and has to take the initiative. EXAMPLE, INNOVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY are three qualities of PEP GUARDIOLA, as FC Barcelona Coach”.
Keeping respect and distance, GUARDIOLA's master lessons express by themselves and for all, the values of a high performance team leader, namely:
1.- Clarify expectations with the serenity of who has clear ideas.
2.- Grant trust to receive it.
3.- Show serenity.
4.- Be honest to learn from mistakes.
5.- Be respectful for the opponent
6.- Generate concentration, i.e., when competing in the elite, one cannot be off-guard.
7.- Sense of Merit, winning but playing fair, building hopes up from the crowd.
8.- Introduce oneself with humility.
9.- Be thankful.
Regarding MOURINHO, in the light of Dr. Cubeiro's appreciated consideration, the lessons of the Coach-spectacle which sets an enlightening CODE are EIGHT, as follows: Inner Motivation. Result Orientation. Unify criteria. Surprising answer. Total initiative. Swim with Sharks. Be human with your people, and Orchestrate the Symphony. Just as we have received master lessons from GUARDIOLA and MAURINHO through the expert pen and business vein of Dr. Juan Carlos Cubeiro, we have excellent strategists who, along with talent and emotional intelligence, have led their companies through innovative paths and positioned them in privileged places, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs,. Just to mention both of the super leader entrepreneurs, which shows that in the emerging world there already are lessons of our own that worth to be learned and repeated with an aggregate value.
What we need NOW from the families, the companies and the Government, is to create favorable conditions for all startup companies, from the basic business ideas up to the most feasible and profitable Plans and Projects, which have to be implemented and regularized as MYPES, PYMES, Social Enterprises and Family Businesses. In this context of personal associated entrepreneurship, the Cooperative model has shown by having One billion affiliates in the Cooperatives around the world – according to the ACI-Genève report – that it is the model to be followed, and is much better. If they are promoted having global Middle-class as Target Market, which will go from 27% to 59% of the world population by year 2030; then, we will be 4,884 million people, ONE MILLION of which will be Chinese citizens. In this regard, it is estimated that by 2022 there will be more Middle-class people than poor people in the world. Most of it will be in the Asia-Pacific zone (66%). In Latin America, according to the World Bank Report, the Middle-class grew in 50% for the period 2003-2009 going from 103 to 152 million people, which explains that the inclusive development process is, from any point of view, sustainable and comprehensive. “The Middle-class will benefit from the solid economic growth that comes as a result of respecting macroeconomic fundamentals and, therefore, keeping Macroeconomic Stability through the application of reasonable monetary and fiscal policies, the opposite of what has been done in developed countries”. This is the reason why those are the real causes of current financial crisis, with all economic storms they involve, and outrage, protests and demonstrations effects that harm humanity of life, which is so suffocated by so many crises. Opportunities to GROW with personal entrepreneurship or associated to big ones, need to develop TALENT, and disposition with tailored clear strategic thought and implementation abilities. Therefore, the Lessons of Guardiola, Maurinho, as well as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs innovative emotional intelligences have to increase at all costs and under the skin. If we are able to IMAGINE it, we must be Able to make it! CONGRATULATIONS.
By: Dr. Arnold Encomendero Dávalos