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arnol encomendero davalos


Former member of the Advisory Council (Board of Directors) of ICA AMERICAS 1995-2009


Director of the International Journal America Cooperativa.


Current CEO of COOPETROPERU based in Lima, Peru


Author of five Books on Applied Professional Research of Co-operative Development and Social Economy


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Enomendero Arnold. La Economía de Mercado y el Desafío de los Valores Cooperativos. 3rd Edition. Nov. 2010. Lima, Peru


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que deben hacer los jovenes para tener una vida mejor
For a young person that believes in God and loves peace, it is not easy to understand why older generations were unable to define and apply development policies and strategies aimed at impeding to have, until the end of the first millennium, an unworthy, unfair and disastrous human and social legacy: One thousand million people survive with less than 2 dollars per day. Eight million people suffer from malnutrition. One hundred fifty three million girls below 5 have insufficient weight. Sixty three million boys and one hundred fourteen million school age children have not been enrolled yet. Eleven million children below 5 die every year around the world. Half million women die by giving birth around the world because of pregnancy complications, one per minute. HIV/AIDS is rapidly increasing. Two thousand four hundred million people have no access to better sanitation services. However, rich countries have not accomplished yet with the commitments assumed to increase support to economic development with Social Inclusion while poor countries’ debt, suffocated by another global financial crisis, increasingly unplayable, and now it is impossible to have a pacific coexistence, worthy for a civilized humanity.

Concerned by young people’s human reality, UN Secretary-General, BAN-KI-MOON, stated: “If, in 2009, global youth unemployment reached an annual record, approximately 75.8 million unemployed young people, in 2012, we have the largest generation of young people from all times”. Even worse, the global financial crises, especially in the USA and the Eurozone with high unemployment rates, have had the biggest incidence on young people: In Spain and Greece, unemployed young people exceed 50% and in Portugal and Italy reached 30%. This distressing situation may create, according to an expert opinion, a “lost generation” and may bring out a very high human cost in next years.

Numbers are more than words, “more than ONE over SIX people in the world are from 15 and 24 year old, an estimation of 1,200 million adolescents and young people receive LESS attention from political analysts, economic providers and academic professionals; 880 million people older than 60 receive more attention”. That is why, young people from all over the planet feel excluded and frustrated, demand changes in the political and economic system, and they demand their legitimate aspirations to have equal employment opportunities and be HEARD. If governments elected cannot create favorable conditions for a better young fulfillment, the risk for social and political instability will be increased with several riots and social conflicts with their palpitating indignation.

We all have seen with astonishment and sorrow, a wide range of demonstrations: Occupy Spain, Wall Street, Arab Spring, Yo Soy 132 in Mexico, Caravan for Peace against Trade of Weapons Made in USA and the Caravan for Peace, Stop murders! from Puerto Rico. But the truth is, reforms and revolutions on papers, unaccomplished, have been the only response to these demands. These are logical reactions against evilness, mad violence, ravish and retrograde ideologisms and unpunished corruption. We all are tired of demagogic and mafia politicking, unrestricted financial speculation causing all crises, elitist and freeloader religiosity, among other huge problems composing the insane, unfair and pernicious legacy for all young people from all social strata on Earth.

We are aware the challenge for a better world corresponds to all. Everyone aspires to live in peace, freedom, justice and a healthy life. The State and the governments elected are responsible for formulating public policies in order to obtain better democratic institutionalism, effective investment on infrastructure and technological innovation to promote development in peace with real productive employment, where productiveness is the alpha and omega of responsible competitiveness. Nevertheless, young people are also responsible for organizing themselves from their INNER SELF to build from the present a better future, with a clear and planned LIFE PLAN, to awaken the LEADER in you, in order to obtain progress, in a personal and family sphere, having all duties done and rights respected.

In a complex, uncertain, agitated, and more connected world, we need OPEN-MINDED citizens with LONG-TERM VISION, able to make “simple things extraordinarily well”, with abilities to define scenarios with an OWN LIGHT and practical endeavors with positive results, useful for family, companies and the community in general.

The challenge is big. We have in front of our eyes the responsibility for finding answers leading to actively participate in the social process in order young people use their necessary talent and energies to contribute to raise awareness, discover the most adequate initiatives to turn them into plans, programs, projects and actions to make development feasible from people’s inner world, as an act of faith and social responsibility. By the way, let me, my friends, share with you a rich story turned into a lesson with one of my DREAMS. In the joy of Christmas spread among the poor and the rich mingled into a controversy that made sensitive the phrase: BREAD FOR SOME AND HUNGER FOR OTHERS, I was half-asleep or half-awake, anguished by a sentimental ambivalence, in Christmas, a beautiful DREAM made my mind, a dream that is the best Christmas present I have ever had in my lifetime, a dream that goes beyond my personal interest; but respecting it is my DREAM and it is for the interest of many others, especially for those fighting to live in a world of Peace, I am going to share it with you.

“I dreamt all poor young people, in Christmas 2004, have gathered together in Saint Peter’s Basilica in Roma, and have asked to the Holy Father John Paul II to request to God, that just for one day, specifically June 29, 2006, requesting to its divine omniscience, the SUN turns off its light from 12 midnight and in the sky a luminous message appears stating: As response to a fair invocation done by young people asking me to stop violence, injustice and basic instincts, all citizen in the world must responsibly commit themselves to sign a HUMAN AGENDA FOR LIFE AND PEACE, assuming the personal commitment, in exchange for turning on the sunlight again the same day. And in the place they were, they read aloud 3 times daily, the Commandments of God’s Law, and complementary, 2 times the same day, also read the Millennium Development Goals and Objectives defined for them, for each country in Latin America. Once these two tasks are done and having proven a mentality change, in defense for life, human dignity, property, justice, young people assume the universal commitment to safeguard all poor people enjoy the right to have at least: BREAD, ROOF AND BALLOT: the so wanted humanistic trilogy to feel good and live better for all inhabitants on Earth”.

What a beautiful message! I said, from the bottom of my heart. But DREAMS ARE ONLY DREAMS. What can we do so from this dream young people define their more immediate needs and at the same time concrete the commitment to build, from now and forever, a fairer world, more prosperous and more equitable? Dreams plus action equal extraordinary realities, said the Mexican lecturer Miguel Angel Cornejo. That is right. Dreams need immediate realities that have sense in human life. The history of social life is written with inhuman arguments, humans against humans. It is recommended and right: to dream but also to act and transform; to know how to listen, dialog, disagree, tolerate, compromise, concrete, settle. This way makes only possible to BE, HAVE AND SHARE. If young people learn how to collectively dialog, tolerate, settle and share, the world would be more human and new generations would have better quality of life.
que exigen los jovenes a los gobernantes

1.- Authorities elected must keep their word and must not disappoint their voters’ or people’s expectations. State Policies must meet citizens’ aspirations in order to live in an environment of peace, solidarity and equity, fully exercising their democratic right for the best interest of all people.

2.- Governmental programs reach not only macroeconomic stability but also apply a social and economic policy to create job opportunities, fostering small-sized and micro-sized companies, providing financing and technical assistance to develop their strategic imagination and capacity for entrepreneurial endeavors, with efficiency and efficacy. We have to form an authentic ENTREPRENEURS REGIONS.

3.- Politicians practice Social Dialog with sincerity and transparency, putting the sacred interests of homeland as a priority, and not the interests of their party or group.

4.- Businessmen, workers, employees and the State make a PACT for the Development in Peace, with fair and equitable labor laws, fully and responsibly understanding that the better and bigger productivity and quality production, better remunerations and working conditions.

5.- Intellectuals create culture, art and literature, with practical and constructive messages, forming free and lucid consciences, able to promote critical and creative thinking to become later in transcendent actions.

6.- Teachers are guided by reason, technical knowledge and values so individual and collective learning have synergy effects caused by teaching with words and examples.

7.- Catholic Church and Protestant Churches foster the love for God, not only with ideas an celebration rituals, but also with constructive actions, looking their sermons and gestures do not confuse children and young people that are in a process of learning and human formation.

8.- Parents do not use paternal or maternal authoritarianism, not extreme machismo or feminism and take away from home any type of violence harmful to family life and that increases social chaos.

9.- Media inform and form with the truth, devoting more space to culture, art and values, with no sensationalism or scandals, that cloud human relationships, blur vision and transform children’s and young people’s life.

10.- Non-profit organizations, such as Cooperatives, Associations and social companies have Management and Leadership positions to young people, men and women, respecting at any level the participative democracy.

que exigen los jovenes a los gobernantes

1.- Believe in themselves and in what they do.

2.- Feel good and make best efforts so others feel the same.

3.- Take care of physical and mental health, and respect others’ health.

4.- Save in the abundance and spend in shortage.

5.- Be an entrepreneur with an own idea or created with others, to design and concrete a feasible and profitable project.

6.- Behave with loyalty and transparency at home, school, college and community we live in. Loyalty creates synergies for a better life in Peace!

7.- Educate ourselves to Be until Have in fairness, and share. Educate at work to have a worthy job for everyone!

8.- Love peace and respect life, freedom, well-being to which our peers have right to. Pacifying life and feel good with freedom is the golden dream for suffering humanity!

9.- Participate in journeys for peace, community development, cooperative management and volunteer programs to make others’ lives more human.

10.- Demand with moderation and decorum. Know how to listen until we will be able to be heard. Make SOCIAL DIALOG a weapon for CONSENSUS for common well-being.

11.- Be useful for society with our profession and business. Put yourself in the poor’s shoes, who have the right to live in peace.

12.- Make human solidarity an honest and fair act for the common interest. One with Others. Living TOGETHER, one LIFE for all will be better!


I am aware it is quite difficult to find effective answers for the large amount of human, social, economic, political and ecological problems, now affected by a “perfect economic financial storm” according to Nouriel Roubini. But something or a lot have to be done. First, we have to “BECOME MORE HUMAN”. “Humanity is everything, apart from it, there is no good hope” stated French biotechnologist Pierre Lacoste. We have to act now!…….. Humanity demands it.

Responsibility corresponds to all of us. Old people and adults have a lot to teach and children and young people have a lot to learn. But, definitively, we all have to give, not only to demand, not only to be concerned but also to do something. In conclusion, as long as young people are good sons and daughters, and siblings, they will be good citizens useful for homeland and having a smiling feature, much better in peace. Our MISSION is hard but feasible. With a clear and conscious vision, long-term horizon will be a familiar horizon. It is never late to start this beautiful and huge endeavor: “Build a more prosperous and equitable world".

Poet Eduardo Galeano has a very prospective and illustrative message, he asked: “What is Utopia good for?” Utopia is like the horizon, get closer TWO steps and get away TWO steps, I walk TEN steps and walk away TEN steps. But, he asked again: “What is Utopia good for?” IT IS GOOD FOR WALKING: he strongly concluded. It is true, to conquer the FUTURE, we have to make transcendent acts, making simple things good. For something or a lot, JOHN PAUL II said: “TODAY’S UTOPIAS ARE TOMORROW’S REALITIES”.

It is important to begin and go on, on the road we will deal with the burden!

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