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By: Dr. Arnold Encomendero Dávalos

A relevant reflection to the rhythm of the innovative world arose in year 2007 by stating that “computer science is a trendy science that recruits innovative geniuses and confronts them without age limit, as long as they ARE and LOOK better. E.g. BILL GATES, 52 and Mark Zuckerberg, 23”. An innovative SENIOR entrepreneur versus a PRECOCIOUS entrepreneur! Is it a matter of geniuses or exceptional plus ultras?… After 7 years when Zuckerberg is already 30 and BILL GATES is 58, although comparisons are always hateful, we find the following realizations. According to Forbes Magazine issued on May 3, 2014, BILL GATES once again has led the Club of the world’s richest with a fortune of 76 billion dollars, ranked first for 15 Rankings, which configures the extraordinary of his life and his achievements. The key question is how Bill Gates became a millionaire? An answer was given by Nelson Portugal. He had a clear and specific purpose; knew how to make real decisions; learnt to administrate his time efficiently. He focused in achieving results; learnt to fail and feed his mind constantly. They are six key Values that were synthesized in Bill Gates words”. “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose”.

Regarding Mark Zuckerberg, at his 30, is one of the most influential people on the planet. His assets are valued in 24 billion dollars and his Company is worth US$ 150,000 million, and has the merit of turning his Company Facebook into a so relevant Network that each month registers about 1,230 million active users, who every day click on the bottom “like” around 6.000 million times. The revolution that Facebook has produced in the world is such that it is truly said that "it KNOWS more of us than our own families." And due to Facebook, worldly life has increasingly become into a more common and more supportive digital life because it "gives people the POWER TO SHARE", and so is easier to understand ourselves more and better in benefit of humankind in a complex and turbulent world, but much more connected that evidently demands to strictly apply an optimal Integrated Risks Management. But, how did Zuckerberg achieve that important economic power and digital fortune? The extraordinary thing about Mark is that he did not inherit anything. He became from nothing. "He had a brilliant idea that revolutionized the way of connecting of one hundred million people through Facebook."

The importance of Facebook in our digital life is well highlighted by sociologist Doris Capurro by stating that "The interesting thing is that the INTERNET allowed and allows that, through TALENT, ABILITY and INTELLIGENCE, young people can SUCCEED. It gives an opportunity to create value through intelligence. Before, young people BECAME rich by inheritance. Now, they ACHIEVE it with INNOVATION. This encourages other young people to try to create what has not been created yet. The feeling is that there is a world of opportunities. "We are aware that the Entrepreneurship Message given by FACEBOOK and other social networks to young people and even adults, regains vigor and actual force in the words of the renowned Austrian economist Zuckerberg when he said: "The entrepreneur creates markets for geniuses inventions: The innovator that stands out is a genius, a scientist and is also characterized by his perseverance and ambition, not by his genius ........". As a corollary to the innovative and entrepreneurial genius of Bill Gates and our gold Millennium Mark Zuckerberg we can state that while the ability to make personal or associated ventures is born and arises from small or big ideas made concrete actions, what would be better than to teach the appropriate technology to make Business Plans with digital emphasis, in public and private education and family formation, due to the reason that there are good examples and good practices of young people who have set up big companies with genius and using their own or other friends ideas and are already in the youth Ranking of Forbes Magazine reaping the laurels of their vision and creative and innovative action.

As a result of my own work using innovative management leadership and inspired by the extraordinary work of Mark Zuckerberg and all the young innovators that leverage by far the value and benefits of their digital life, I leave this reflection-action message to all children, young people and adults:

1.- Wake up on time. Get up early before de sun rises and do physical exercise to feel like new.

2.- Take a deep breath. Ten times is better. Then, make your Agenda of the day invoking God’s      grace.

3.- Read, study and take advantage of technical and innovative lessons through the INTERNET,      so you will enlighten your mind with Wisdom.

4.- Study and work conscientiously, and make sure you are in the right track. Make any      corrections and move on.

5.- JOIN a Social Network of Productive Interchange with whom you can improve your own      progress and quality of life.

6.- Look for and achieve physical-mental balance. A positive and proactive mind gives you inner      peace and productive energy.

7.- Keep well your inner peace with humility and make it greater with creative and innovative      ingenuity.

8.- Promise less and perform better, only then you can BE, MAKE, HAVE and SHARE.
If you manage to practice these EIGHT basic habits with humility, perseverance and spirit of achievement the "distant horizon of progress will be a familiar one”. Finis Coronat Opus.