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By: Arnold Encomendero Dávalos

In the midst of a complex, uncertain world distressed by an almost perfect turbulence, it is fair and enlightening to examine the APPLE Values and their “radiant vanguard,” in the words of Maslow. The creative geniuses Jobs and Wozniak came together and combined their commitment to transformation for the benefit of all: OBSESSION. This is it. This is the raison d’être of a Human Project that revolutionized the digital era. Two geniuses who were capable of doing –of doing SIMPLE THINGS, extraordinarily Well: from a wooden BOX to the consolidation of the Information Empire, APPLE, which not only represents an Apple but also a truly WORLD of GOLD.

The passion for INNOVATION of Jobs and Wozniak has great sidereal merit, thanks to their creative genius, which, successfully shared and applied, revolutionized the Music Industry, Computers, and mobile telephones. In line with this approach, they stand ready –under the eternal gaze of Jobs- to stream Television over the Internet and the Smart Car, to the extent that “IPAD and Iphone will become the Control Center of a vehicle.” With this valuable technological and entrepreneurial experience, we can confirm, once again, that the Competitive tool adding value to Consumers, though difficult to imitate, is RADICAL INNOVATION. For this reason, and for much more, Steve Jobs was adamant in affirming that “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and other leaders, and, therefore, between a leader and a follower.” And, as evidence of his passion and versatility, he was clear and forceful when he asserted: “Being the richest man in the cemetery DOESN’T MATTER TO ME … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… THAT’S WHAT MATTERS TO ME.” On this regard, and considering this is the logical and strategic thinking of a Leader of Leaders, it is worth making the following reflection: A Leader’s skills can be best appreciated when he strains the string without letting it break and, as the popular saying goes: “the tenser the bow, the farther the arrow goes.” APPLE’s Competitive Leadership has a great secret: to Take Electronics to people’s everyday lives. This is the key to achieve sustainable success. APPLE products are WORSHIPED. Clients queue day and night to be the first to HAVE and USE new APPLE products. That’s the truth!.

Yet, what are APPLE’s TRUE VALUES to achieve the EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS that has transformed everyday life into a DIGITAL LIFE?

The human uniqueness of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was impregnated from the beginning of their Informatics Project of daily ideas arising whether the backyard, the garage, the corner of the neighborhood, everywhere; many times these are seen as silly or crazy ideas, unrecognizing these are Great Ideas, Master Ideas willing to have everlasting followers, based on my experience on Management Leadership since there are SEVEN master ideas to attain Management Success , which are:

THINK BIG: Critical and creative thinking.
DIG DEEPER: Research & Development (R&D).
DRIBBLE SMALL: Effective Strategy and Tactics.
LOOK FAR AHEAD: Forward-looking.
TAKE SMALL STEPS: Foresight and Caution.
BE VERY AMBITIOUS: Enterprising and daring spirit.
ALWAYS CHECK: Internal and External Control.

SOURCE: Libro “Amigo Gerente y Líder” Autor. JAED

Therefore, “Wozniak’s geek genius and Jobs’ expansive passion” are two intrinsic and cognitive values which became fruitful pills for creative and transforming energy which made them give new life and value to the Digital World with IT products that have shifted the way people interact at home, at work, in their human relations and communication, and in every company, whether small, medium or large. All of this thanks to the extraordinary role played in the market by IMAC as a wireless Computer with a forward-looking design. IPOD, the biggest revolution ever in the history of music. Iphone, the reinvention of the smart phone, as we know it today. And, the reinvention of the personal Computer with the IPAD. Yet, we all ask ourselves the following questions:

What were the DRIVING IDEAS and what did APPLE founders use to Revolutionize the world of Information?

Applied science and experience have taught us that to be a genuine and successful Management Leader it is necessary to think out of the box with passion, energy, and courage. There is no room for in-between positions or half-truths. Jobs was passionate about his job and the products he created and, at the same time, he expected that same level of passion from his entire team of APPLE Engineers and Executives. He could not stand the mercenaries who saw APPLE as a simple step in their professional careers, to the extent that he fiercely fought against APPLE executives who would also be directors in other companies. With regards to R&D, Jobs made a Difference in management: he ignored the application of Surveys among Users. He did not make any Market research, he trusted his intuition to anticipate Users’ likes. Moreover, he did not like to IMITATE the most successful digital experiences. APPLE’s secret to attain all of those memorable Gadgets rests in the fact that industrial design was given full creative autonomy. In this environment, designers work unrestrictedly.
APPLE’s creativity and innovation counted with Stephan Gary “WOZ” WOSNIAK, an Engineer and entrepreneur with an extraordinary management Leadership spirit. He designed APPLE I and II, adding features that made them user-friendly. Hence, APPLE’s Culture became widely recognized for its technology, reaching far beyond any other: low cost, with graphs, colors, sound, and programming language. This was a true personal computer and NOT for businesses. Moreover, Wozniak’s innovative spirit was consistent with thinking big projects. He created the company Cloud 9. Then he founded “Wheels of Zeus,” the company that developed the wireless GPS technology. Subsequently, he joined the Board of Danger. Inc., manufacturer of Hip Top.

What Lessons can we draw from the creative Geniuses of Jobs and Wozniak to promote Innovation based on the best ideas and not just technology?

Rowan Gibson said: “Promoting creativity and clever ideas is much more important than allotting huge budgets for R&D. Innovation is the key to sustain economic growth and generate wealth.” This is clear. To make his way in an ever more competitive world, a creative and innovative person, with medium and long term goals, needs to make Innovation his driving stamina in both his personal and professional lives. To be Competitive, now and always- a person needs to fully understand that, in addition to being efficient and effective, he needs to ADD VALUE to products and services so as not to give in to Competition. The Innovation process, within a Company, must emerge from the Board of Directors, from the Upper Management. Every Director, and let alone every CEO or General Manager, needs to become the architect of innovation in his company; to be a good facilitator of in-house innovation processes. On this regard, Rowan Gibson points out THREE critical pre-conditions to build a culture of innovation: a) give people the time and space to think, create, experiment; b) set up teams with diverse people –people with different skills and views so that they can come up with innovative group ideas; c) promote liaison and discussion procedures among staff and teams, knowing that radical Innovation always comes from the interaction of different ideas that do not necessarily relate to each other.

The role of the State is vital in forming an Innovative Culture by creating favorable conditions for the development and expansion of a wide range of stimuli for individuals and companies. The State is also called to eliminate bureaucratic and legal barriers still existing in each country. We recognize that Innovation is not necessarily, or exclusively, a matter of technology and big investments but mainly a matter of ideas. In Israel, there are 24 incubators investing a total of US$ 50 million a year-as stated by Oren Simanian- CEO of Star Tau at Tel Aviv University. In the 80’s, incubators were State-owned; now, they are all private. The support of the State was important at the beginning. We must remember that in order to achieve sustainable social and economic development, it is necessary to empower the THREE I’s urgently: Institutional Building, Infrastructure, and Innovation. This is the key to increase Productivity and, therefore, become a more competitive country. For this reason, TO BE ENTREPRISING and TO INNOVATE, it is necessary to invest and strengthen START-UPs. This is important to attain valuable Production and to live better. Therefore, Innovation is not just a matter of INVENTING and CREATING; it is a matter of giving value to people, a company, and a COUNTRY. Do not forget this GOOD PIECE OF ADVICE that STEVE JOBS left us with: “Do not LOSE FAITH. You MUST FIND what you LOVE…So keep on looking until YOU FIND IT. DON’T SETTLE.” What better message for political, business, social, religious, academic leaders and for any human being, whether child, young or adult, who aspires to make digital life a common benefit for himself and for all, right?



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By: Dr. Arnold Encomendero Dávalos
Email: jencomendero@yahoo.es

Wozniak y Arnold Encomendero

THE WIZARD Wozniak, cofounder
of APPLE showing the book
“Amigo, Gerente y Líder” [“A Friend, Manager, and Leader”], given to him by
Dr. Arnold Encomendero D. in Lima after
a Conference organized by EKOS.

Wozniak y Arnold Encomendero

The friendship displayed by a Creative
Wiz like Wozniak after his Conference
in Lima, last October 18, Limitless.