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By: Arnold Encomendero Dávalos

The successful experience with an authentic Managerial Leadership makes us initiate this article, which resulted from the Lecture I developed in the Self-Management Congress in Costa Rica, with two key convictions that a Leader Manager must have in order to be innovative and have Superior Value:

a) «To conceive – at all levels – that innovation improves quality efficiently and increases productivity in a transcendent way and


In this sense, we have made clear in our Book: DE GERENTE A LÍDER (FROM MANAGER TO LEADER) that a LEADER MANAGER is responsible for its development, its firmness and its own perspective. It is up to him to be an Authentic and Comprehensive Leader. This synergistic and feedback trilogy: TO BE, TO KNOW AND TO DO in order to achieve superior performance born and lies in him. In this approach of reflection/action and before the challenge of accordingly applying the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in the Company being managed and led, it is key to ADEQUATELY EVALUATE, according to needs, cost and Benefit, the best disruptive technologies linked to the BUSINESS STRATEGIES that allow BETTER EFFICIENCY and PRODUCTIVITY of the Organization in order of Priorities. This is achieved by training the Management Staff and Collaborators to have a suitable human capital and, having a clear mission and vision, MAKE INNOVATION an appropriate system to improve customer service, achieve constant improvement of processes, and greater sustainability of the business.

Now, in an increasingly competitive and changing business world, a GOOD MANAGEMENT LEADER, in order to be always up to date, has to make transformation a standard of living. This requires every CEO or managerial position “to live being aware of everything and being everywhere, and to move with the times, reacting always on time”.

Regarding the managerial knowledge and being, the disruptive technologies that are transforming finances – such as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND LEARNING MACHINE, BIG DATA, BLOCKCHAIN, WEARABLES, THE INTERNET OF THINGS and BIOMETRY – are applicable in every company, but they are complemented with Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence correlating well the COMPETITIVE STRATEGY WITH OPERATIVE EFFECTIVENESS to develop and achieve COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES to the measure of an excellent Competitive positioning with a culture of administrative, technical, operative and economic-financial management, as well as with VALUE INNOVATION.

All this management of Good Managerial Leadership to be efficient and effective commits the Board of Directors and the General Manager of a Company to establish an Integral Risk Management, which will propitiate an Internal environment allowing its adequate development within a corporate culture of Risks, with a Management Platform that integrates the Internal Processes, the People, the Technology and the EXTERNAL EFFECTS as much in the Theory as in the practice. This by defining and concretely applying the effective OPERATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT implemented with an appropriate INFORMATION SECURITY SYSTEM for the continuity of the Business in order to protect all the Information from the risks that may affect it, adopting complementary CYBERSECURITY measures in the Company’s strategy to protect the digital information of the interconnected Systems, and thus prevent all types of frauds and the Identity of users.

ISO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS are an important tool to define and apply a SECURE, RELIABLE AND EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP, for example, ISO 27001- 2013 is used to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data and availability of Information in a Company based on Risk Management. In addition, the ISO 22301-2012 can be used to effectively configure and manage a BUSINESS CONTINUITY Management System.

Finally, as a fair applied Management Leadership LESSON, I must emphasize that the GOOD USE OF INFORMATIVE WEALTH that provides all DATABASE will depend on the accredited application of our TECHNICAL AND ETHICAL SUITABILITY IN A BUNDLE OF SYNERGY formed by the INTELLECTUAL COEFICIENT AND THE TECHNICAL SKILLS linked to EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. WITH THESE TWO skills, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will arise, and therefore, all intelligent machines will be activated, product of the inventive capacity of flesh and blood people. EVERYTHING IS LESS IF WE BELIEVE IT, always thinking with VALUE INNOVATION.

– Book: «FROM MANAGER TO LEADER» October 2016 – by Arnold Encomendero D. Lima – Peru
– Book: «FRIEND, MANAGER AND LEADER» May 2003 – by Arnold Encomendero D. Lima – Peru

Arnold Encomendero Dávalos

Dr. Arnold Encomendero Dávalos developing the Conference «Transformational Leadership and Responsible Competitiveness in Cooperatives» on Friday, May 17, 2019 in San José, Costa Rica.

Arnold Encomendero Dávalos

Mr. Franklin Salazar Executive Director of the CPCA of Self-Management of Costa Rica, delivering a Diploma of Recognition to Dr. Arnold Encomendero Dávalos.

Arnold Encomendero Dávalos

Leaders of the Costa Rican Self-Management Companies attending the Congress pose with the Speaker Dr. Arnold Encomendero Dávalos.